Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Minerals & Vitamins

To be healthy, you have to have a daily intake of neccessary Vitamins & Minerals. Without them, your body pulls from your bones; NOT COOL!

I have tons of information on this and urge all of you to do research neccessary to live healthy lives.

Magnesium, Calcium, Indium, etc.. All of these are neccessary minerals that you need to be taking; daily.

Here's the thing though; you have to be eating LIVING things (PLANTS) in order for your body to digest all of it properly. You cannot just go buy some Daily vitamins and say.. "OH IM GOOD." Aint gonna happen.

www.or-ion.com is a good place to start and so is www.nutrimedical.com
www.youtube.com and search for Dr. Deagle - watch his videos.. He explains so many health questions, etc..

Feel free to email me too, for help. billyvinson81@hotmail.com I can point you to some good reading material and of course; a healthy life.

And remember; EXCERCISE!!

Billy V!

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