Monday, June 16, 2008

Arthiritis Cure

Arthiritis Cure

There are more than one cure for Arthiritis. But here is a couple that I have found and again, as always, I urge you to do your own RESEARCH.

1. Colloidal Silver
2. Hydrogen Peroxide / Aloe Vera Juice MIX

You can use these together
Here is how you can make the mixture of H. Peroxide & Aloevera Juice.
--- For every 1 CUP of Aloe Vera "JUICE" you mix in HALF Cup of Hydrogen Peroxide.
--- I Use a spray bottle and put the mixture (I call it magic potion) in it.
--- Do NOT drink this mixture with Hydrogen Peroxide in it. You can drink the ALOEVERA "juice" but not with Hydrogen Peroxide in it. It is for Topical Use (this mixture).

I do not have Arthiritis, but this mixture has anti-aging properties as well as cures other skin disorders. Helps athletes foot and sunburns, etc..

The Colloidal Silver is good for about anything. Sinus infections, herpes, flu, colds, allergies.. ALL KINDS OF STUFF.. Research this stuff people!!! These things are natural, CHEAP remedies and CURES for things....

The Truth Will Set you free!!!!


Anonymous said...

The word "research" is really getting abused in these blog entries. I think someone needs a review of the levels of evidence. Lab experiments and test tube research means very little.

Only when things are tested in a controlled setting for their CLINICAL effects in humans can we truly derive meaningful conclusions.

Billy V! said...

I agree with you.. However, This also depends on WHO FUNDS and CONDUCTS these experiments; RESEARCH that as well!