Monday, June 16, 2008

Dr. Deagle - Cure For Everything!

Dr. Deagle is awesome. If it weren't for his wisdom and advice, a family member of mine would still have Cancer.
Here is Part ONE of Dr Deagle's Videos, and I sincerely hope that you take some time and watch all of them. you can find them on
Search for Dr. Deagle
Here is Part one, of many.


Anonymous said...

If he's living so healthy, why is he such a fatass?

Billy V! said...

He likes to eat! DUH.. lol
This guy is awesome. EVERYTHING that he says, has proven true. EVERYTHING thus far. Believe it or not; but this m'fer is smart as he!! and he even calls you when you email or call him; to answer all questions and to chat.. HES COOL AS HE!!... is his website... check it out!!!