Wednesday, June 25, 2008

IndiumEase and Colloidal Silver

Here, I found two more sites (better sites) for Indium (IndiumEase is brand name) & Colloidal Silver (MesoSilver is brand name).

Colloidal Silver:


Here is the best site, ever!!! and Dr. Deagle runs it.. You can find your disease, or dis-order and it will give you some cures/remedies, etc for the condition..

Billy V!


Anonymous said...
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Perfectmus said...

Colloidal Silver Atoms is the newest and most effective form of colloidal silver available on the plant, why? I am glad you asked, Silver atoms are trillions of times smaller than micrograms and nano particles which means they slide right into any virus and bacteria through their membranes since they are smaller than any cell that composed the membranes. Colloidal silver of this type is made by no one else is has access to this technology that has been around since 2008. Why have you not heard of of it? I am very glad you asked! Nano particle colloidal silver maker have ruled the industry for the last 60 years or so, so just like pharmaceutical companies that try to put a lid on colloidal silver, Low PPM manufactures along with their close knit alliances try to keep these magnificent products in the dark by downplaying the products, and yet they have HIV Survivors, TERMINAL cancer survivors and much more.