Monday, June 16, 2008

Cure For Cancer

I know The Cure for Cancer. There are other ways, but here are a few.

1. Tiaga Tea
2. Colloidal Silver (10 ppm is best/safe)
3. B17 Vitamins (best found in Apricot Seeds - Don't eat if allergic to nuts like Almonds)
--Take all 3 (or first two if allergic to nuts) at the same time; its ok.
4. DCA is a product that you can research about. Tons of videos on about this product

Here is some Video & Information as well as where you can buy these Products:

"Tiaga Tea" aka: "Teaga Tea" (both spellings are ok)
Research Here and Other sites:
To Buy:

Colloidal Silver
To Buy:

Apricot Seeds
To Buy: You can find natural stores that sell "RAW" apricot seeds, and some places online, you can do your own research but here in Dallas, I get mine at "Roys Natural Market" -

--Do research on this product.. It is NOT natural, I don't think but it is cheap and effective from what i have been reading. I reccomend all natural products above all else, but here is a cure, so I am sharing it. It is cheap and the FDA does not want this out. Watch the above link.

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