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First i want to start off by telling you that, per what my mother told me, you need all of the following products...

---RAW Apricot Seeds (has to be RAW) (as long as your are not allergic to almonds, etc) take 4-7 per day.
---Colloidal Silver (Super or Meso Silver Brands)
---Tiaga Tea
---K2 Vitamins
---Hydrogen Peroxide & Aloe Vera Juice MIXTURE
---Allicin (this is derived from GARLIC, pill form)
---LIQUID Calcium (derived from PLANTS only!!!) that has Magnesium with it!!!
---LIQUID VITAMINS (cannot be in pill form, has to be liquid derived from plants for the body to assimilate)
---Cut out your intake of FLUORIDE and ASPARTAME - used in water, gum, etc... CUT THEM OUT of your diets!!! Everyone should follow this.

Now I am going to give you some links for each to RESEARCH as well as Buy...
You can use GOOGLE and buy this stuff anywhere, but these are the sites that I like the most and the best products for your money.

you can google this... They have to be RAW.. .RAW RAW RAW.. cannot be cooked OR sundried; it takes out the natural "stuff" that is good for you.
www.google.com and search for "Buy Raw Apricot Seeds" or you can go to a local NATURAL FOOD MARKET and get some; like i do here, in Dallas, Texas.

RESEARCH: http://www.all-natural.com/silver-1.html
To BUY i recommend these two sites: http://www.purestcolloids.com/mesosilver.htm
Both of those sites are good... One site calls their product MESO SILVER, the other calls theirs SUPER SILVER... Both the best on the market.

Research: http://www.sizzlepower.com/tiaga.htm
You can also use www.google.com and search for TIAGA Tea and research other sites, testimonials, etc...
Buy: http://www.natureswonders.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=100&Product_Code=TIAGA
I buy mine here at this site... Tiaga has 3 names: Tiaga Tea, Teaga Tea & Immune Tea just an "FYI"

Research: http://www.mercola.com/forms/vitamin_k2.htm
http://www.westonaprice.org/basicnutrition/vitamin-k2.html and you can click the link for "K2 and Heart Disease"
Buy: You can find several sites to buy K2 vitamins.. I buy mine at: http://www.puritan.com
when you get to www.puritan.com you can search for K2

You can buy these BOTH products at Wal Mart, Target, Wal Greens, etc... Aloe Vera Juice is made to DRINK; usually in the vitamin sections of stores... Hydrogen Peroxide is that BROWN bottle for like $1... this is a cheap remedy and is incredible for helping Arthiritis and other issues. Basically, Buy both products and you mix them (DO NOT DRINK if mixed!!!!!!) Mix: per 1 cup of ALOE VERA JUICE, mix HALF CUP of B. Peroxide.. use that scale... I use a spray bottle and spray this on my body for acne issues, scar issues, anti-aging properties, SUN BURNS, abrasions, cuts, Poinson Ivy, etc, athletes foot.. all kinds of stuff!!!! Even has been known to cure prostate cancers, etc if you soak your feet in the solution for 20 minutes or so... Amazing mixture!

I get mine at Vitamin Shoppe, a local store, here in Dallas. Some sites that I have found that you can buy it from:
RESEARCH: http://www.allicin.com/
Buy: http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/search/en/query.jsp?q=allicin&intsource=main
There are other sites you can buy from.... use: www.google.com and search for Allicin

INDIUM (brand: IndiumEase)
Research: http://www.indiumease.com/
Buy: http://www.harvesthealth.com/ search for INDIUMEASE
Indium is the "mother of all Minerals" has amazing properties to this.
In order to be Healthy, people have got to be having a regular intake of LIQUID VITAMINS & MINERALS derived from PLANTS (LIVING THINGS), otherwise; you are dieing!!!

Research / Buy These: http://www.or-ion.com/content.asp?menuid=&contentid=Products
you can research and buy these elsewhere too... If you have ORGANIC stores, you can find these... Some Health Stores have Liquid CALCIUM, Magnesium, Minerals & Vitamins. MAGNESIUM IS essential to NOT getting sick!!!! Calcium is VERY MUCH needed!!! has to be liquid... IN SHORT: if you are taking daily PILL vitamins derived from DEAD ROCKS, etc, your body only assimilates 1-3% (on average) (5% if lucky) of that and the rest is stored or kicked out of body... Sometimes even BUILDS UP (arteries for example)... So it is important to be taking in LIVING minerals & vitamins that come from PLANTS.. Your body can assimilate and use those and what it doesnt it can kick out and isnt stored or backed up... VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE HERE....
Here are some Links about alot of the above in which i have talked about... THERE IS SO MUCH MORE OUT THERE, but here are 3 links for you...

HEre is a couple sites to register at and listen to:
www.nutrimedical.com - You can also Write / call Dr. Deagle at this site, and he will call you back! he is AWESOME!!!!
www.healthfreedomusa.org - awesome site!!! Talk about a lot of NATURAL NEWS; fluoride news, congress news on vitamins, etc... watch some videos on this site too... awesome stuff guys!

EXCERCISE and Cut out Fluoride and Aspartame...
There is a lot of talk on the news lately about those two products/poisons. Hawaii just banned ASPARTAME as of May, 2008
Excercise is a vitamin (Vitamin E!)

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